BIBO Fizz: Sparkling Water Machine

Sparkling Water Maker

Make sparkling water in seconds! Simply fill your bottle with filtered water or tap water, attach it to the Fizz and press the button to create sparkling water – it really is that simple!

At just £82.00 £74.99 including your first CO2 cylinder, the BIBO Fizz really is the best value sparkling water maker on the market.

Once you have a BIBO Fizz, you’ll never need to buy sparkling bottled water again!

A sparkling water machine designed to suit your kitchen

The BIBO home sparkling water dispenser's sleek design means it fits beautifully on your kitchen countertop.

It doesn't require a power supply and so it can sit neatly on your worktop with no messy cables and can be stowed away in a cupboard.

The BIBO Fizz allows you to set 4 different levels of carbonation.

Whether you want to recreate soda water or just a lightly sparkling drink to accompany dinner, you can adjust the Fizz to fit your needs!

The BIBO Fizz comes with a reusable 1 Litre bottle but you can also buy 500ml reusable bottles to take your water on the go!

BIBO Fizz sparkling water makers

More bubbles, less plastic!

Did you know the average person in the UK uses over 150 plastic water bottles each year? ... By providing unlimited carbonated water, the BIBO Fizz helps you to dramatically reduce your plastic water bottle usage, cutting plastic waste and saving money.

The CO2 cylinder will give you upto 60 litres worth of fizzy water.

The BIBO Fizz reusable bottle is 1 Litre in capacity and is 100% BPA free

Getting replacement CO2 cylinders couldn't be easier:

* A £10 refundable deposit is added to each CO2 cylinder.
* We send you a pre-paid returns note with your new order
* Use this returns note to send your empty one back to us
* We refund you your £10 deposit


BIBO Fizz home sparkling water dispensers

Features of the BIBO Sparkling Water Dispenser

All the good stuff...

  • Each CO2 cylinder provides up to 60 litres of fizz
  • 1 litre reusable bottle comes with Fizz
  • First CO2 cylinder included for FREE
  • No mains power or batteries required
  • 4 levels of carbonation
  • 41.5cm H x 12.5cm W x 22cm D
5 starts rating

We have a BIBO fizzy water maker. It has been fantastic, it is very easy to use and saves money as well as substantially reducing plastic use. The customer service from BIBO has been excellent

smile face

Amanda Griggs

5 starts rating

I bought the Bibo Fizz pack for my partner for Christmas. The staff at Bibo could not be kinder. I asked if the item could be sent in unbranded packaging so I could hide it easier in our small flat. They accommodated my request and called me to let me know it was going to be delivered. The product looks very sleek and I think my partner is going to love it!

smile face

Elaine Fellows

5 starts rating

Really nicely made and makes super fizzy water. Very helpful staff and customer service

smile face

Jessica Pelling

5 starts rating

Really love our new BIBO Water fizzer. Simple and easy to use and fizzes up water & juices so well. Easy to get replacement gas canisters. Really enjoy having fizzy water without having to buy plastic bottles of the stuff from the supermarket!

smile face

Annelise Savill

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