Black BIBO hot and cold filtered water dispenser in use

BIBO Classic Hot and Cold Filtered Water Dispenser

Boiling. Chilled. Filtered.

The BIBO Classic countertop water dispenser gives you boiling and chilled, filtered water, on demand at home. It simply plumbs into your cold mains water supply and sits beautifully on your worktop!

Buy for your home or workplace from £549.00 – includes a free 2 year warranty, your first filter and UV Lamp!
30 day money back guarantee for total peace of mind!

Are you a business? Rent for your Office of workplace from £30 + VAT/month

The facts about the BIBO hot and cold filtered water dispenser...

The BIBO Classic delivers instant boiling, chilled and filtered the touch of a button.

The BIBO simply plumbs into your cold mains water supply (that's normally the pipework under your sink!). This means it automatically refills as you dispense so you have an unlimited supply!

The BIBO is super energy efficient - 25% cheaper to run than a standard kettle!

The BIBO Classic uses a multi-stage filtration system consisting of a silver impregnated carbon block filter and a powerful UV lamp, leaving your water tasting pure and delicious.

The BIBO's compact design allows it to fit snugly on your kitchen counter (filling the space previously occupied by your kettle!) making it the perfect hot and cold filtered water dispenser for any home.

Red BIBO dispensing hot filtered water

The facts continued...

Your BIBO Classic can deliver 7 litres of chilled water per hour & 15 litres of hot water per hour and you can set the temperature range to suit your personal taste.

It has a full colour LCD screen and a touch key interface. The programmable menu includes power on/off timers, child lock, adjustable quantity measurements and adjustable temperature settings.

The BIBO elminates the need for kettles, filter jugs and costly plastic bottled water.

The BIBO has a child-lock feature to protect little hands.

BIBO is an affordable alternative to expensive under-counter hot taps, offering you comparable or even superior functionality! (most filter tap models only provide hot water)

Grey BIBO dispensing cold filtered water

Features of the BIBO hot and cold filtered water dispenser!

All the good stuff...

  • Intuitive touch panel interface
  • Instant chilled water - As low as 4˚C
  • Multi-stage filtration system - carbon block filter and UV lamp purification
  • Energy saving modes - Power on/off and sleep mode
  • Removable drip tray - this means you can easily fill teapots, saucepans, jugs and sports bottles!
  • Simply connects to your cold mains water supply
  • Instant hot water - As high as 98˚C
  • Adjustable temperature settings for hot, chilled and ambient water
  • Programmable dispense volume settings (which is great if you always use the same sized glass or mug!)
  • 36cm H x 38cm D x 30cm W


5 starts rating

I have owned my BIBO for about 5 years and I love it! Cold & hot water, filtered, at a fingertip. I love this machine and would not swap this for anything!

smile face

Elliot Ellis

5 starts rating

We have had our BIBO for several years and we love it. Fresh, filtered water, hot and cold. Don't think I will ever go back to have a kettle and no longer buy bottled water so it's a win win for me!

smile face

Vincent Leonardi

5 starts rating

The BIBO replaced my filter kettle and water filter jug, so convenient that I never have to wait for the kettle to boil which is ideal for cooking my vegetables and I don't have to constantly fill up the water jug and wait for it to chill in the fridge, instant boiling and chilled water, love it. Would recommend to anyone!

smile face

Wendy Husbands

5 starts rating

Love our BIBO - don't know how we managed without it. Always excellent customer service.

smile face

Jane Swainson

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