9 reasons why you need an office water cooler at work

As lockdown has eased and more of us have begun to head back to the office, the safety and health of employees is at the forefront of every responsible business owner’s mind. Whilst plastic screens and one-way systems help to maintain adequate social distancing, how else can we ensure the office is a space that benefits the wellbeing of its staff? One cost-effective and healthy way is to acquire a plumbed-in office water cooler.

Everyone wants to be happy and productive at work, especially in these testing times. In this blog, we’ve pulled together the best reasons why your office needs a water dispenser to keep your colleagues hydrated and healthy!

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office water cooler at work


Countless health benefits

Hydration does wonders for the immune system and overall health – period. Don’t believe us? Read more about the benefits of drinking water.

Approximately 141.4 million working days were lost due to sickness or injury in the UK in 2018. An office filtered water cooler not only gives staff the chance to get up and stretch their legs but can also help to relieve work-related stress and dehydration headaches, improve digestive function and help to ward off nasty sickness bugs.


Helps concentration and boosts productivity

We’ve all been guilty of being tired at work or forgetting a small task every now and then; unless you just so happened to get an awful night’s sleep, chances are this is a result of us being thirsty. Dehydration can have a catastrophic effect on concentration, productivity and energy levels. When the body is dehydrated, heart rate and body temperature can dramatically increase causing discomfort and headaches meaning many lose the mental ability to work consistently.

As a result, the NHS recommend that people drink six to eight glasses (about 1.2 litres) of water a day to stay property hydrated. A BIBO office water cooler dispenses instant hot and cold water at the touch of button, meaning employees can reverse (or even better, prevent!) the effects of dehydration as soon as they arise. It’s time to put down those sugary snacks and energy drinks for a mid-afternoon pick me up and grab a revitalising glass of water instead – it will do wonders for your alertness and memory function!


Easy to clean and maintain

You don’t need us to remind you that cleanliness in communal spaces is of crucial importance right now. As we just mentioned, office water machines such as the BIBO require an element of touch in order to operate – even if it is only one touch of a button – and so it’s important that it is regularly cleaned in order to prevent the spread of any nasties! BIBO’s sleek design means that it is easily wiped down with a cloth and disinfectant cleaning spray, and its drip tray can simply be removed and placed in the dishwasher.

BIBO is also as low maintenance as office water coolers get. Not only will it remind you itself about when it’s due for a thorough cleaning, but it’s super easy to do. As a guideline, we would recommend you descale your hot tank and change your water filters every six months for optimal performance. Check out our care and maintenance advice here.


Saves time

Deadline to hit? Report due on your boss’s desk yesterday? Forget losing precious minutes waiting for the kettle to boil in the breakout area. BIBO provides hot and cold water in an instant, meaning you can whip up the perfect brew and be back at your desk in a jiffy before John from Accounts can bend your ear about last month’s performance reviews. Result. Now get back to work!


Saves money

It’s no secret that overheads can pile up before you know it. The BIBO Classic costs as little as 15p per day to run and seeing as it can deliver 7 litres of chilled water and 15 litres of hot water per hour that’s what we like to call cost-saving! Plus, when you and your co-workers aren’t using the machine, the BIBO has an adjustable power on/off setting as well as a variety of sleep modes to ensure your business is only paying for the energy you use.

What’s more, a plumbed-in office water cooler can save employees a pretty penny on an individual level too. A constant supply of fresh, filtered water means no more plastic water bottle purchases or coffees on the way into work; trust us, with water this good, a filter coffee from the shop on the corner is a thing of the past – filtered water makes your hot drink of choice taste so much better.


Saves space

Ah, the eternal battle for space in the communal breakout fridge. Whether it’s lunchboxes, water bottles or even the water filter jug gathering dust in the corner, fridge space in the office is a precious commodity. And that’s without even thinking about social distancing and what that entails for how we store personal items in the wake of the pandemic!

Water dispensers do wonders for your office’s space – the BIBO acts a kettle, filter, and water jug wrapped up in one. Plus, as your office kettle’s services are no longer required, you’ll have more countertop space and less unsightly wires to contend with meaning your office kitchen will look a lot neater the next time a client comes to visit.


Reduces waste and improves sustainability

When you picture an office water cooler, we’re guessing you’re imagining the upturned blue water bottle that’s eternally empty, right? Not only are these old-fashioned machines impractical and cumbersome to stay on top of, they are terrible for the environment as they are often made from unsustainable single-use plastics. Even those that are reusable need to be cleaned out and refilled, and ain’t nobody got time for that when there’s work to be done!

A plumbed-in bottleless water cooler provides an unlimited supply of filtered water to keep your office fully hydrated throughout the day, with no plastic add-ons to throw away. In fact, BIBO’s replaceable parts (such as the filter pack and UV lamp) are 100% recyclable. Looking for ways to boost your company’s sustainability profile? Look no further.


Easy installation

Our professional and chirpy installation team are dedicated to getting your BIBO set up with as little disruption to your working day as possible. We’ll help you to set up your BIBO energy and sleep timers for when your team are out of office, cup size settings and desired temperatures as part of the installation process. Our friendly technicians will give you a comprehensive demo of your new office water dispenser and functions, so you’ll be well on your way to a working office hydration station in no time at all.


Flexible payment options

Whether you want to purchase a water cooler for your office in full, rent it or even spread the cost, we have a range of buying solutions to accommodate your needs. Plus, your BIBO comes with a standard two-year warranty with the option to extend it for a further two years if needed. Contact our helpful team to discuss your options.

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Read the reviews

Countless numbers of offices up and down the UK are already a proud owner of a BIBO water dispenser – check out what they have to say about it here. In the meantime, here’s a selection of five-star reviews below:


“We have just ordered our 4th BIBO Classic for our company as they are straight forward to use and maintain. Any issues the customer service team are always able to assist. The price is competitive to other products out there and the delivery is quick.”

  • Mr Clarke, London


“We have been looking for a suitable hot and cold water system for our office and was recommended to BIBO. The whole process has been incredibly simple, from the ordering online to the installation. We paid for our item to be installed, which took away any of the worries for us and was well worth it. The staff have all been really helpful and friendly. We are delighted with the product, not only does it look great, but it does exactly what it says, provides boiling hot water and chilled filtered water. Would definitely recommend this product to others.”

  • Ms Jones, Oxfordshire


One of the best water boilers on the market. Ideal for office kitchenettes, pubs or even home.

  • Mr Herbert, London


Treat your office to a BIBO water cooler


If you’re looking for an instant boiling and chilled filtered water solution for your office, why not check out BIBO. Get in touch with us to discuss your options or secure your BIBO today!




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